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How does entering the INDY improve your winery’s bottom line?

For less than the price of a bag of corks, you can get a direct comparison of your wine against more than 3,000 fierce competitors from 43 states and 10 countries. This gives you unbiased feedback on the commercial quality of your wine, and winning medals and trophies at the Indy independently validates your winegrowing/making team's efforts. That's why even the world's biggest wineries enter the Indy ever year! Entering bottles pre-release gives you an early assessment for sales potential and stylistic fit and finish. Entering the Indy should be vital part of your winery's quality system where wines are judged for how the consumer sees them, how they compare to their vintage peers and competitors for shelf space and online orders. In 2009, a jury of 72 open-minded wine industry peers served as judges: top winemakers and chefs, marketing executives and wholesalers, writers and journalists, enologists and winegrowers, from Napa to New York, from Miami to Chicago. An almost perfect representation of professionals who are at the pulse of the American super core wine consumer.


Prof. Christian Butzke, Chief Judge