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Indy International Wine Competition Fact Sheet

Indy International Wine Competition

Each year more than 9,000 bottles of wine are sent from around the world. The INDY International is one of the five largest wine competitions in the United States and the largest outside of California.


Wines are judged on appearance, smell and taste. Wines may win a double gold, gold, silver, or bronze medal. The Wine of the Year winners are selected from double gold wines.

Judge Cru

Winemakers, restaurant managers, wine shop owners, wine writers and trained consumers evaluate more than 100 wines each day - smelling, tasting and spitting out each sample. To cleanse their mouths between wines, the judges consume:

  • 450 bottles of water
  • 120 boxes of crackers
  • 75 cans of Graber olives
  • 100 pounds of Fair Oaks cheese
  • 50 pounds of roast beef
  • 600 pieces of Wolf's dark chocolate

Pit Cru

More than 70 wine enthusiasts work behind the scenes at the competition. Each of them uncork, pour, and serve more than 300 wines, utilizing more than 17,000 wine glasses in all.

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