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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Audrey Muhlenkamp Indiana, US Malbec The Tipsy Glass - Chilean Malbec 2016
Balistreri Vineyards Colorado, US Malbec Colorado 2015
Barefoot Cellars California, US Malbec   NV
Bob Ross Ohio, US Malbec B.R. Select 2012
Charles Carroll Indiana, US Malbec Bell & Carroll 2014
College Cellars Washington, US Malbec   2013
Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants Illinois, US Malbec   NV
Country Heritage Winery & Vineyard Indiana, US Malbec Red Table 2015
David Phillips Indiana, US Malbec Sugar Creek Winery 2016
Deanne Sasser Indiana, US Malbec Sasser's Red 2015
Dona Paula California, US Malbec Los Cardos 2014
Dona Paula California, US Malbec Los Cardos NV
Fawnridge Winery California, US Malbec Sierra Foothills 2014
Fruit Hills Winery and Orchard Indiana, US Malbec   2014
Halfmoon Cellars Winery New York, US Malbec   2014
Joe Diponzio New York, US Malbec JDiPonzio Wines 2015
Jones von Drehle North Carolina, US Malbec Estate 2013
Josue and Hollis Batista Pennsylvania, US Malbec   2013
Lemon Creek Winery Michigan, US Malbec Lake Michigan Shore 2013
Lemon Creek Winery Michigan, US Malbec Lake MI Shore 2013
Loma Prieta Winery California, US Malbec S&P Vineyard, Alta Mesa 2013
Mark Walczak Illinois, US Malbec   2014
Maryhill Winery Washington, US Malbec Columbia Valley 2011
Maryhill Winery Washington, US Malbec   2013
Robert DiDonato Pennsylvania, US Malbec Chilean 2013
Silver Springs Winery LLC Don Giovanni Wines New York, US Malbec   NV
Spangler Vineyards Oregon, US Malbec Southern Oregon 2013
Thirsty Owl Wine Company New York, US Malbec   2015
Thomas Andrychowski South Carolina, US Malbec Andrychowski Private Cellars 2015
William Cooley Indiana, US Malbec Trinity Crest - Bourbon Aged 2015
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Malbec   2015

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