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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Ann Cole Indiana, US Pear Lily Valley Vineyard 2014
Ann Cole Indiana, US Apple Lily Valley Vineyard 2015
Brown County Winery Indiana, US Apple   2013
Brown County Winery Indiana, US Apple   2015
Burgdorf's Winery Michigan, US Pear   2015
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Apple   2012
Eagle City Winery Iowa, US Apple   2014
Edward, Sharon, & Teresa Hazel Indiana, US Pear Peary White 2015
Georgetown Vineyards Ohio, US Apple Ohio NV
Grant Loy Indiana, US Apple Shoot the Lights Out 2014
LaBelle Winery New Hampshire, US Pear   NV
Laura Smith Texas, US Apple Pluckin' Apple 2016
Orchard Country Winery Wisconsin, US Apple   NV
Pomona Winery Illinois, US Apple Golden Oak Aged Reserve 2014
Pomona Winery Illinois, US Apple Jonathan 2016
Pomona Winery Illinois, US Apple, Oak-aged Jonathan, Reserve 2016
Pomona Winery Illinois, US Apple Golden 2016
Prairie Berry Winery South Dakota, US Pear Gold Digger NV
Richard Ness Ohio, US Apple   2016
Roger Long Indiana, US Apple LZ Wine 2015
Round Lake Vineyards & Winery Minnesota, US Apple Ice Reserve 2014
Russell Orchards Farm & Winery, Inc. Massachusetts, US Apple Baldwin NV
Satek Winery Indiana, US Apple Manzana NV
Thom Green Indiana, US Apple Austin B. Hunter Wines 2013
Von Jakob Vineyard, Ltd. Illinois, US Apple Johnny Apple NV
Wayne and Melissa Kato Michigan, US Apple Kato Winery NV

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