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Stone Fruit

Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Andrew Hass Indiana, US Redhaven Peach 1P 2013
Barry Tucker Indiana, US Cherry Friar Tuck 2015
Brown County Winery Indiana, US Plum   2016
Butler Winery Indiana, US Peach   NV
Caesar Creek Vineyards Ohio, US Cherry Just Cherry 2014
Carpenter Creek Cellars Indiana, US Peach Peachy Keen 2016
Dan Bender North Carolina, US Cherry FloLen 2014
Dan Puckett Indiana, US Peach   2015
Donna Weimer Indiana, US Plum Posey Purple 2016
Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery Wisconsin, US Cherry Montmorency 2015
Duyane Tucker Indiana, US Cherry Tucker Ridge Winery 2015
Edward, Sharon, & Teresa Hazel Indiana, US Cherry   2014
Eric Curtis Indiana, US Cherry   2014
Falling Waters Winery Wisconsin, US Cherry Sweet 2013
French Lick Winery Indiana, US Montmorency Cherry Cherry Pie NV
Galena Cellars, Inc. Illinois, US Cherry   2016
Gary Kain Indiana, US Cherry #28 NV
Joann & Michael Nall Kentucky, US Cherry   2012
Joann & Michael Nall Kentucky, US Plum   2015
Nassau Valley Vineyards Delaware, US Peach Ambrosia 2013
Nassau Valley Vineyards Delaware, US Peach Peach Ambrosia 2014
Nathan Sipes Indiana, US Cherry Little Blue 2013
Nissley Vineyards Pennsylvania, US Cherry Montmorency Cherry 2015
Nissley Vineyards Pennsylvania, US Montmorency Cherry   2016
Paulette Kates Indiana, US Plum   2013
Paulette Kates Indiana, US Cherry   2013
Prairie Berry Winery South Dakota, US Chokecherry Great Grandma's NV
Reid's Livery Winery Kentucky, US Peach Peachy Keen 2015
Reid's Livery Winery Kentucky, US Cherry Elvira 2015
Robert Alexander Oklahoma, US Peach Mustang 2014
Russell Orchards Farm & Winery, Inc. Massachusetts, US Cherry   NV
Ryan Zeigler Illinois, US Cherry   2015
St. James Winery Missouri, US Peach   NV
Tammy Jones Indiana, US Apricot Tamanda 2013
Tammy Jones Indiana, US Plum Tamanda Wines 2014
Two EE's Winery Indiana, US Plum   NV
Two EE's Winery Indiana, US Cherry   NV
Wayne and Melissa Kato Michigan, US Peach Kato Winery 2013
Wildcat Creek Winery Indiana, US Cherry Aunt Minnie's NV
Wyldewood Cellars Kansas, US Peach   2014

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