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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Barsetti Vineyards California, US Grape Wine & Fruit Blends Mango Mischief NV
Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Inc. Ohio, US Apple, Spice Spiced Apple NV
Carlos Creek Winery Minnesota, US Raspberry, Catawba,   NV
Danzinger Vineyards Wisconsin, US La Crosse Perfectly Peach 2016
Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery Wisconsin, US Raspberry, Peach, Sangria-Style Razz Ma Fuzz 2016
Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery Wisconsin, US Pinot Noir, Blueberry Black, Blue Duck 2016
Easley Enterprises Inc. Indiana, US Sangria Reggae Sangria NV
French Lick Winery Indiana, US Cayuga White, Cranberry Crazy Cranberry NV
Harmony Winery Indiana, US Riesling Granny 2017
Harmony Winery Indiana, US Merlot Staccato 2017
Hartland Winery Indiana, US Watermelon, Cayuga   2015
Huber's Orchard & Winery Indiana, US Grape, Strawberry May Wine NV
Jeffrey Clayton Illinois, US Apple, Gewurztraminer Clayton Cellars 2015
Lanthier Winery Indiana, US Blackberry, Cayuga Social NV
Lanthier Winery Indiana, US Cherry, Concord Festival Cherry 2017
Purple Toad Kentucky, US Strawberry, Chocolate   NV
Schnabeltier Indiana, US Lime Margarita Wine Cocktail 2016
Schnabeltier Indiana, US Coconut Pina Colada Wine Cocktail 2016
The Tipsy Glass Winery Indiana, US Concord, Niagara, Peanut butter Goober Grape NV
The Tipsy Glass Winery Indiana, US Peach, Apricot Peach Perfection NV
Tippy Creek Winery Indiana, US Chardonel, Peach Papakeechie 2016
Traders Point Winery Indiana, US Concord, Peanut Butter P B & J NV
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Pumpkin Spices, Vidal Blanc Schweizer Spice 2015
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Herbs, Vidal Blanc Mai Wein 2017
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Peach, Grape Peach 2017
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Strawberry, Grape Strawberry 2017
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Blueberry, Grape Blueberry 2017

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