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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Barefoot Cellars California, US Zinfandel   NV
Barefoot Cellars California, US Zinfandel   NV
Barsetti Vineyards California, US Zinfandel   2013
Bella Grace Vineyards California, US Zinfandel Estate 2014
Bob Ross Ohio, US Zinfandel B.R. Select 2012
Brown County Winery Indiana, US Zinfandel   2016
David Phillips Indiana, US Zinfandel Old Vine Sugar Creek 2015
Frank Family Vineyards California, US Zinfandel Napa Valley 2013
Gregory Walters Illinois, US Zinfandel Streamside Cellars 2014
Haraszthy California, US Zinfandel Dry Creek 2013
Henke Winery Ohio, US Zinfandel   2015
Hillside Winery Ohio, US Zinfandel   2014
Joel Gott California, US Zinfandel   2014
Kokomo California, US Zinfandel Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County 2014
Kokomo California, US Zinfandel Pauline's Vineyard, Dry Creek Valley 2015
Long Point Winery New York, US Zinfandel   2013
Mark Wachenschwanz Indiana, US Zinfandel Unrepentant Old Vine 2014
Maryhill Winery Washington, US Zinfandel Proprietor's Reserve 2013
Menage a Trois California, US Zinfandel Lodi, California 2014
Midnight Cellars California, US Zinfandel Estate 2013
Ménage à Trois California, US Zinfandel   2015
Peace Water Winery Indiana, US Zinfandel Zen, Howell Mountain 2013
Richard Baron Michigan, US Zinfandel Mostly Zin 2014
Rift California, US Zinfandel Lodi NV
Ryan Rentschler Indiana, US Zinfandel Old Vines 2012
Skipper's Knot California, US Zinfandel Lodi 2013
Spangler Vineyards Oregon, US Zinfandel Oregon 2013
Sutter Home California, US Zinfandel   NV
Two Vintners Washington, US Zinfandel Washington 2014
Wood Family Vineyards California, US Zinfandel Big Wood Zin 2015

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