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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Bill & Lisa Durr Indiana, US Merlot Durr Cellar 2008
Bill Wilen Ohio, US Merlot, Cabernet Franc   2006
Billy Harris Illinois, US Merlot   2014
Billy Harris Illinois, US Merlot   2014
Bob Ross Ohio, US Merlot   2008
Bob Ross Ohio, US Merlot B.R. Select 2008
Bob Ross Ohio, US Merlot B.R. Select 2011
Bob Ross Ohio, US Merlot B.R.Select 2012
Brandon Meyer Indiana, US Merlot No Label 2015
Castell Vineyard Georgia, US Merlot   2008
Charles Carroll Indiana, US Merlot Carroll Family Wines 2008
David Albright Indiana, US Merlot Gideon's Winepress: Eclipse 2013
Edward Avarista Rhode Island, US Merlot   2009
Fred Miguel, Jr. Indiana, US Merlot Miguel Wine Closet 2010
Gary K. Anerino Indiana, US Merlot Anerino Wines 2013
George Tamalunas Indiana, US Merlot, Cab Franc   2011
Greg Brown Indiana, US Merlot   2012
Haff Acres United States Merlot Stags Leap 2015
Holly Settles Indiana, US Merlot Lagniappe Wines 2012
Joe Laws Missouri, US Merlot Napa Valley 2010
Kent Jackson Indiana, US Merlot, Diablo Rojo Stormin the Castle 2017
Leo D'Amore & Ron Mensching Illinois, US Merlot   2006
Mark Walczak Illinois, US Merlot   2016
Mark Witmer New York, US Merlot Witmer's 2011
Roman Pogranichniy Indiana, US Merlot Roman 2015
Scott Vosler Ohio, US Merlot Vosler Vineyard and Winery 2008
Skip Pluhar Indiana, US Merlot   2010
Tim Vandergrift Canada Merlot Chilean 2006
Tim Vandergrift Canada Merlot French 2006
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Merlot   2014
Vincenzo Raffaele-Addamo New York, US Merlot RA Cellars 2007

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