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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Audrey Muhlenkamp Indiana, US Strawberry The Tipsy Glass - Jubilee 2016
Barry Tucker Indiana, US Blueberry Friar Tuck 2015
Barry Tucker Indiana, US Blackberry, Blueberry Friar Tuck 2015
Bill Mummert Indiana, US Blackberry Midnight Blues 2013
Bill Outlaw Florida, US Blueberry   2014
Brent Russell Indiana, US Blackberry   2013
Dan Bender North Carolina, US Blueberry Firehouse 2015
Dave Luckenbaugh Pennsylvania, US Blueberry   2014
Don Trudeau Illinois, US Blackberry Derby Lane 2013
Duyane Tucker Indiana, US Blackberry Boo Boo 2015
Elaine South Kentucky, US Raspberry   2014
G. Thomas Cloyd Indiana, US Blackberry Sugar Creek Lodge 2016
Grant Loy Indiana, US Strawberry, Red Currant   2013
Grant Loy Indiana, US Blueberry Bodacious Blue 2013
Jeff Sanderson Tennessee, US Blueberry   2015
Jeff Sanderson Tennessee, US Strawberry   2015
JoAnn & Michael Nall Kentucky, US Cranberry   2014
Joann & Michael Nall Kentucky, US Strawberry   2013
Luke Capotosto Rhode Island, US Strawberry   2014
Michael Smith Michigan, US Raspberry Capital Vineyards 2015
Pamela Hemmerling Indiana, US Raspberry   2014
Raymond Silipino Florida, US Strawberry Fraise 2016
Robert Allen Colorado, US Blackberry Under the Stairs Winery 2013
Stephen Eubanks Texas, US Blueberry Nashwood Winery 2016
T. Lewis Graham Indiana, US Blackberry Lew and Lou 2015
Tammy Jones Indiana, US Cranberry Huckleberry Hill 2014
Terry Britton Indiana, US Blackberry, Blueberry 006 2013
Terry Britton Indiana, US Blackberry #0050 2014
Terry Evinger Indiana, US Cranberry   2012
Thomas Pellegrino New York, US Blueberry   2013
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Blackberry   2014
Wendi Johnston Indiana, US Blackberry Marconi Wines 2013
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Strawberry   2013
William Summar Tennessee, US Blackberry Blackjack 2015

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