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Grape Wine & Fruit Blends

Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Brenda Neilands Illinois, US Wildberry Pomegranate, Zinfandel   2009
Brian & Rebecca Harger Indiana, US Raspberry, Blackberry, Concord Brambleberry 2007
Charles Carroll Indiana, US Chardonnay, Peach, Apricot Carroll Family Cellars 2010
Chris Trout Indiana, US Blueberry, Pinot Noir Mad Trout Cellars 2007
Claire Levac Canada Black Currant Cabernet Sauvignon   2008
Claire Levac Canada Peach, Sauvignon Blanc   2008
Connie Kates Utah, US Zinfandel, Fruit   2011
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Niagara, Cranberry, Apple   2007
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US White Grape,Cherry   2012
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Black Raspberry, Cab Sauv   2013
Dave Becker New Jersey, US Exotic Fruits, White Zinfandel Tortuga Wines 2009
Dave Sickels Missouri, US Sangria Seville Orange 2011
Dave Sickels & Carol Hamilton Missouri, US Raspberry, White Zinfandel   2013
David Bradshaw Illinois, US Moscato,Black Raspberry Half Witt Winery 2013
David Bradshaw Illinois, US Black Raspberry, Muscat Half Witt Winery 2013
David Bradshaw Illinois, US Strawberry, Riesling Half Witt Winery 2015
David Jenkins Indiana, US Cranberry, Traminette Make me Blush 2009
Debra Fraley Indiana, US Grape & Fruit Blends P&D Wines 2010
Derrick & Kathryn Witcher Indiana, US Blueberry, Pinot Noir Witcher Winery 2014
Derrick & Kathryn Witcher Indiana, US Blueberry, Cherry, Pinot Noir Witcher Winery 2014
Derrick & Kathryn Witcher Indiana, US Pear, Vidal Witcher Winery 2017
Don Stutz Indiana, US Concord, Cherry   2007
Don Stutz Indiana, US Pinot Noir,Raspberry   2012
Don Trudeau Illinois, US Blackberry, Moscato Derby Lane 2013
Drago Popovic Indiana, US Zinfandel,Pomegranate DMP 2011
Frank Nicolaro New Jersey, US Pinot Gris, Cranberry   2011
Gary Atchison Indiana, US Grape Wine & Fruit Blends Wedding 2017
Janell Hoeppner Indiana, US Strawberry Merlot Rose` Chapman Cellars 2008
Jeff Leininger Indiana, US Raspberry, Merlot Black Velvet Cellars 2006
Jeff Leininger Indiana, US Green Apple, Riesling Black Velvet Cellars 2009
Jeff Leininger Indiana, US Riesling, Green Apple Black Velvet Cellars 2012
Jeff Leininger Indiana, US Blueberry, Pinot Noir Black Velvet Cellars 2013
Jeffrey & Bonnie Johnson. Indiana, US Strawberry, Thompson   2009
Jeremy Cronkhite Indiana, US Malbec,Cranberry   2012
Jerred Hawkins Maryland, US Niagara, Serrano pepper Hawkins Private Reserve 2011
Jim McDaniel Indiana, US Blackberry Cabernet   2015
John A. Klepfer Indiana, US Grape, Blackberry Klepfer's Wines 2007
John Freels Tennessee, US Niagara, Raspberry   2007
John Freels Tennessee, US Niagara, Peach   2008
Joseph Sanfratello Indiana, US White Grape, Raspberry   2010
Ken Brower Indiana, US White Grape, Peach   2009
Kent Jackson Indiana, US Peach, Moscato That's a Peach Hun 2014
Kent Jackson Indiana, US Moscato, Plum Plum Perfect 2016
Kent Jackson Indiana, US Moscato, Peach That A Peach Hun 2017
Kent Jackson Indiana, US Moscato, Apricot Apricot Delight 2016
Kevin Williams Alabama, US Raspberry, White Zinfandel Kiss My Razz 2015
Linda Lanning Indiana, US Pinot Grigio, Tropical   2007
Lou Camilotto Indiana, US Cranberry, Shiraz   2009
Lou Camilotto Indiana, US Peach, Chardonnay   2008
Lou Camilotto Indiana, US Zinfandel, Pomegranate   2010
Lou Camilotto Indiana, US Riesling,Green Apple   2013
Lou Camilotto Indiana, US Kiwi, Pear, Savignon Blanc Camilotti Wines 2014
Michael A. Lese Indiana, US Pinot Gris, White Cranberry   2007
Michael Walters Indiana, US Elderberry, Merlot   2008
Mike Layman Indiana, US Cranberry, Concord   2009
Mike Layman Indiana, US Pinot Noir, Blueberry Uncle Mike's #76 2010
Mike Layman Indiana, US Chenin Blanc, Pear Uncle Mike's #77 2010
Paulette Kates Indiana, US Pinot Grigio, Kiwi, Watermelon, Honeydew Kiwi Melon 2007
Peter Kulas Michigan, US Concord, Foch, Raspberry, Elderberry Nick & Joel Wine 2009
Randy Marshall Indiana, US Niagara, Cranberry , Apple   2011
Rick & Chris Hanke Indiana, US Exotic Fruit Zinfandel Rose`   2008
Roberta Clemmer Virginia, US Viognier, Apricot, Peach   2006
Ronald Myers Indiana, US Sauvignon Blanc, Kiwi, Pear   2011
Samer Thanavaro Missouri, US Pinot Noir, Mango   2016
Shawn Myers Indiana, US Symphony, Mango, Citrus   2010
Shawn Myers Indiana, US Merlot, Strawberry   2012
Stephen Eubanks Texas, US Raspberry Zinfandel Eubanks Family Wines 2008
Steve and Julie Hall Tennessee, US Cabernet Sauvignon, Watermelon   2010
Terry Britton Indiana, US Peach, White Grape 005 2013
Thomas Andrychowski South Carolina, US Riesling,Green Apple Andrychowski Private Cellars 2012
Tim Vandergrift Canada Merlot, Raspberry   2006
Tim Vandergrift Canada Merlot, Strawberry   2007
Tim Vandergrift Canada Sauvignon Blanc, Kiwi, Pear   NV
Tim Vandergrift Canada Black Raspberry Merlot   2005
Tim Vandergrift Canada Raspberry, Strawberry, Zinfandel Rose` Exotic Fruits 2007
Tim Vandergrift Canada Raspberry, Merlot   2007
Tim Vandergrift Canada Raspberry, Merlot   2007
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Merlot, Blackberry   2010
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Niagara, Peach Fancy Farm Vineyard, Fancy Peach 2011
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Peach, Niagara Peachy Keen 2014
Tony Palumbo Kentucky, US Peach, Apricot, Chardonnay Palumbo Cellars 2015
Virginia Warner Indiana, US Zinfandel,Pomegranate Warner Cellar Wines 2011
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Wild Grape B&J's Country Wines 2012

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