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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Dave McCulloch Pennsylvania, US Loganberry, Marionberry   2010
Diana & David Graves Indiana, US Blackberry Rabbit Prairie Wines 2008
Don Trudeau Illinois, US Cranberry   2013
Emmett Hunt Tennessee, US Strawberry Hunt Family Wines 2014
Fred Chadwell & Larry Fosler Indiana, US Blueberry Chadler/Foswell 2009
Gary Merrill Indiana, US Elderberry Berry Merrill 2017
Greg Brown Indiana, US Strawberry   2012
Harry Mathews Arkansas, US Blackberry   2008
Jeff Garrity Indiana, US Blueberry Garrity Family Wines 2011
Jim Stevens Ohio, US Blueberry D&J Medalist 2012
JoAnn & Michael Nall Kentucky, US Raspberry   2017
John Lude Indiana, US Blueberry Jay Em Cellars Blueberry Blast 2009
Michael & Joyce Willman Kentucky, US Strawberry   2009
Mitchell Gibson New York, US Raspberry HRMMC Vineyards 2008
Pamela Hemmerling Indiana, US Blackberry Mustang Villa, Estate 2017
Paulette Kates Indiana, US Raspberry   2014
Richard Bodnar Indiana, US Blueberry Old Barn Special 2010
Richard Ness Ohio, US Black Raspberry   2016
Robert Allen Indiana, US Red Raspberry Under The Stairs Winery 2012
Steve Toomey Pennsylvania, US Blackberry   2015
Terry Britton Indiana, US Blueberry 004 2014
Thom Green Indiana, US Blackberry Austin B. Hunter Wines 2009

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