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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Chris & Pam Schaefer Pennsylvania, US Banana, Pineapple   2010
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Apple, Cranberry   2010
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Apple, Strawberry   2010
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Cranberry,Apple   2011
Don Stutz Indiana, US Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry   2009
Joe Laws Missouri, US Banana, Pineapple Paradise 2015
Mark Witmer New York, US Blueberry,Pomegrante   2012
Michael Bunal Indiana, US Orange, Passionfruit Mountain Cabin Estates 2010
Mike Pawliski Ohio, US Pineapple, Coconut   2013
Randy Kerswill Wisconsin, US Raspberry,Strawberry,Rhubarb   2006
Terry Britton Indiana, US Blueberry #0078 2015
Thomas Pasco Florida, US Peach & Passion Fruit Royal Manor Vineyard 2008
Tom Curtsinger Kentucky, US Strawberry, Banana   2010
William Kortokrax Indiana, US Apple, Pear, Red Raspberry   NV

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