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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Barbara Medeinos & Luke Capotosto Rhode Island, US Apple Cider Ice Wine 2010
Brenda Neilands Illinois, US Apple Brenda's Apple 2009
Brian Smith Indiana, US Apple   2008
Carol Rector Indiana, US Apple Apple Chrispmas 2010
Curt Marsh Indiana, US Apple   2008
David Schmeltzle New Jersey, US Apple Oak Aged 2006
Dennis McClish Indiana, US Apple   2008
Don Stutz Indiana, US Pear   2008
Don Stutz Indiana, US Apple   2012
Edward, Sharon, & Teresa Hazel Indiana, US Apple HW Sweet 2011
Edward, Sharon, & Teresa Hazel Indiana, US Pear Peary White 2012
Gary Graves Indiana, US Apple   2009
George Pichon Indiana, US Apple Pichon Family Wines 2008
Greg Brown Indiana, US Pear Graftedvines 2010
Harvey Blythe Massachusetts, US Apple Spiced, A Taste of the Season 2011
Jason Messmer Indiana, US Pear   2009
Jeffrey & Bonnie Johnson. Indiana, US Red Crab Apple Private Selection 2009
Joe Worthington Indiana, US Apple JW Farms 2017
John Freels Tennessee, US Apple   2005
John Trytko Sr & Grandson Indiana, US Apple   2007
Lynn Neuenschwander Indiana, US Apple   1967
Marty Wyngard Wisconsin, US Pear   2007
Marty Wyngard Wisconsin, US Pear   2007
Matt Smith Ohio, US Apple Apple Jack 2007
Michael Buckingham Indiana, US Apple Sweet Betty Wines 2008
Michael Buckingham Indiana, US Apple Sweet Betty Wines 2009
Randy DeRemer Indiana, US Apple Ardis Wines 2014
Randy Kerswill Wisconsin, US Crabapple   2005
Shaun & Charlotte Dikes Indiana, US Pear   2010

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