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Stone Fruit

Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Allen Brown Indiana, US Montmorency Cherry Beyond Burgenland-Sweet Cherry Pie 2009
Arlena McClish. Indiana, US Cherry   2007
Bernard Messmer Indiana, US Wild Cherry   2009
Bernard Messmer Indiana, US Wild Cherry Messmer Amateur Wines 2014
Bill Shoemaker Illinois, US Cherry Northern Star 2005
Brady Barnes Indiana, US Cherry Fencerow 2010
Brenda Best Indiana, US Cherry Sour Cherry, Semi-Dry 2008
Brent Russell Indiana, US Cherry Russell 2013
Chris & Pam Schaefer Pennsylvania, US Peach Chris Peach Nectar 2007
Cindi & Gary Pyle Indiana, US Plum Lion Moon Wines 2009
Creed Parsons Ohio, US Peach   2013
Daniel Brown Pennsylvania, US Cherry Montmorency 2013
Dena & Don Smith Kentucky, US Plum   2010
Donald Dixon Pennsylvania, US Cherry Sour 2008
Donna Weimer Indiana, US Plum Double W Wines 2016
Doug and Kathy Jackson Wisconsin, US Cherry   2006
Ed & Sharon Whitworth Kentucky, US Cherry   2008
Edward, Sharon, & Teresa Hazel Indiana, US Peach   2013
Elizabeth Schiefelbusch Indiana, US Cherry Shady Frog 2016
Gary & Susan Peterson Indiana, US Cherry Blend Ruby's Red 2007
George Pichon Indiana, US Cherry Montmorency 2008
Gerald Jackomis Indiana, US Peach   2008
Glen Greiffendorf Michigan, US Cherry Pine Pass Vineyard 2008
Greg Brown Indiana, US Plum Graftedvines 2010
James Brillhart Indiana, US Cherry   2016
Jerry Mattingly Kentucky, US Peach   2009
John Mooney Indiana, US Cherry John Mooney 2016
John Mooney Indiana, US Cherry   2017
John Stinson Tennessee, US Peach Grandaddy's Peach 2011
John W. Fansler Indiana, US Cherry Midsummer Night's Dream 2010
Ken Brower Indiana, US Cherry   2009
Larry Cox Missouri, US Cherry   2008
Mark Stiver Wyoming, US Cherry Wyoming Country Wine-3 Cherry NV
Matt Haas Iowa, US Cherry Montmorency 2008
Michael A. Lese Indiana, US Peach Ice Wine Style 2008
Mike Layman Indiana, US Peach Backyard Peach 2010
Nicholas Welte Indiana, US Cherry   2009
Randy Kerswill Wisconsin, US Cherry   2005
Randy Marshall Indiana, US Peach   2010
Randy McLaughlin Indiana, US Peach   2007
Ray Tambrini. Indiana, US Cherry   2009
Robert Allen Indiana, US Black Plum Under the Stairs Winery 2013
Rosie Bryant Indiana, US Peach   2011
Rosie Bryant Indiana, US Peach Just Peachy 2013
Thomas Pellegrino New York, US Cherry   2013
Wade Runge Illinois, US Cherry, Rum Barrel Taildragger NV
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Red Plum B&J's Country Wines 2008
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Bing Cherry B & J's Country Wines 2009
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Wild Cherry B & J's Country Wines 2007
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Dark Cherry B&J's Country Wines 2016
William Cooley Indiana, US Peach Trinity Crest 2011

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