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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Bernard Messmer Indiana, US Wild Cherry, Elderberry Messmer Amateur Wines 2013
Brian Smith Indiana, US Cherry, Banana   2008
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Strawberry, Apple   2011
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Strawberry,Rhubarb   2012
Craig Gabor Wisconsin, US Strawberry, Rhubarb   2014
Daphne Bryant Indiana, US Blueberry, Elderberry B&J's Country Wines 2006
David Kahle Michigan, US Apple, Cherry Kahle's North Coast Dragon Vineyard & Herbiary 2007
Derrick & Kathryn Witcher Indiana, US Blueberry, Cherry Witcher Winery 2014
Don Stutz Indiana, US Pineapple, Peach, Strawberry   2009
Don Trudeau Illinois, US Cranberry,Pear   2011
Ed and Sharon Whitworth Kentucky, US Pineapple, Pear   2014
Harvey Blythe Massachusetts, US Strawberry, Rhubarb   2009
Ian Goebel Virginia, US Mixed Berry Melody 2008
Jason Messmer Indiana, US Concord   2014
Jason Williams Illinois, US Strawberry, Rhubarb   2009
Jason Williams Illinois, US Apple, Pear   2010
Joe Laws Missouri, US Lime, Coconut Tropical Lime 2014
Joe Worthington Indiana, US Strawberry, Rhubarb JW Farms 2017
Joshua Martindale Indiana, US Pear, Apple, Blueberry Kewanna Fall Harvest 2009
Judy Christmas Indiana, US Blueberry, Blackberry B&J's Country Wines 2008
Judy Christmas Indiana, US Rhubarb, Cranberry B & J's Country Wines 2014
Laura Smith Texas, US Mango, Green Chile   2016
Mike Layman Indiana, US Strawberry, Apple   2008
Nick Parcell Indiana, US Berries, Citrus, Stone Fruit Stretto Wines 2009
Paulette Kates Indiana, US Pomegranate, Jalepeno   2009
Randy Kerswill Wisconsin, US Pear, Rhubarb Mauna Poi Wines 2008
Robert Zinn Illinois, US Cranberry, Apple BSZ 2014
Samer Thanavaro Missouri, US Blackberry, Lychee   2016
Samer Thanavaro Missouri, US Blackberry, Star Fruit   2016
Shaun Pierce Ohio, US Lemon, Berry Sweet Tart 2014
Steve Toomey Pennsylvania, US Coconut, Pineapple Pina Colada Wine 2017
Terry Evinger Indiana, US Raspberry   2007
Terry Evinger Indiana, US Raspberry, Blackberry, Mixed Fruit Tater & Flo 2008
Thomas Grubb Michigan, US Strawberry, Rhubarb   2009
Tim Huss Wisconsin, US Cherry, Elderberry   2006
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Blackberry, Blueberry B & J's Country Wines 2009
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Blackberry, Cherry B & J's Country Wines 2007
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Cranberry, Cherry B&J's Country Wines 2012
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Cherry, Raspberry B&J's Country Wines 2011
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Blueberry, Banana   2013
William & Judy Christmas Indiana, US Strawberry, Craisin B & J's Country Wines 2014
William Summar Tennessee, US Rapsberry, Blueberry Tootie Fruity 2016

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