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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
21 Brix Winery New York, US Catawba Ellatawba NV
Buchanan House Winery Iowa, US Catawba   2013
Carpenter Creek Cellars Indiana, US Catawba Rose' Sunset 2016
Creekbend Indiana, US Catawba   2015
Hartland Winery Indiana, US Catawba   2015
Huber's Orchard & Winery Indiana, US Catawba Rose'   2016
Mallow Run Winery Indiana, US Catawba Picnic Blush 2016
Oliver Winery Indiana, US Catawba Soft Ros´┐Ż NV
Oliver Winery Indiana, US Catawba Creekbend 2016
Oliver Winery Indiana, US Catawba Creekbend 2017
Patoka Lake Winery Indiana, US Catawba   2017
Running Vines Indiana, US Catawba Triathalon NV
Spirits of Norway Vineyard Wisconsin, US Catawba   NV
Sycamore Lake Wine Co. Ohio, US Catawba Sycamore Blush 2015
The Ridge Winery Inc. Indiana, US Catawba Country Rose' 2017
Traders Point Winery Indiana, US Catawba   2016
Two EE's Winery Indiana, US Catawba   NV
Winzerwald Winery Indiana, US Catawba Rose' - Indiana Grown 2015

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