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Brand Origin Fruit Designator Vintage
Costa Rica Meadery Costa Rica Honey, Hibiscus Flower Amapola Hibiscus Mead NV
Costa Rica Meadery Costa Rica Carmelized Honey, Cacao, Cinnamon Cinnful Mead NV
Duck Creek Vineyard and Winery Wisconsin, US Orange Cream, Honey   2017
Fireside Winery Iowa, US Honey, Peach, La Crescent Sunset NV
Oliver Winery Indiana, US Honey, Mango Orchard Stand NV
Perrine Winery Texas, US Honey, Spices The Huguenot Series NV
Prairie Berry Winery South Dakota, US Honey, Blueberry Blueberry Honey Wine NV
SoLu Estate Winery Wisconsin, US Honey, Coffee Tork'ed Coffee Honey Wine 2016
SoLu Estate Winery Wisconsin, US Honey. Ginger Root   2017
White Winter Winery Wisconsin, US Honey, Black Currant Black Mead NV
Wyldewood Cellars Illinois Illinois, US Honey, Peach Peach Mead NV

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