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Brand Exhibitor Location Won
A & G St. Julian Wine Company, Inc Michigan, United States 1
A Cheerful Note Cellars A Cheerful Note Cellars Oregon, United States 1
A Gust of Sun Winery & Vineyard A Gust of Sun Winery and Vineyard New York, United States 2
A to Z WineWorks A to Z WineWorks Oregon, United States 3
A Westbrook Cellars A Westbrook Cellars Illinois, United States 3
A.J. Zanyk A.J. Zanyk Ohio, United States 1
A.R. Winery A.R. Winery Ohio, United States 2
A.W. Dunlap A.W. Dunlap Indiana, United States 1
A3 Trinchero Family Estates California, United States 3
Aaron Munk Aaron Munk New York, United States 3
Abacela Winery Abacela Vineyards & Winery Oregon, United States 1
Abadia Retuerta In Vie Wine Spain 1
Abarbanel Abarbanel Wine Company France 8
Abbotts Frederick Wildman & Sons France 1
Abundance Vineyards Abundance Vineyards California, United States 4
Acacia Vineyards Chalone Wine Group California, United States 2
Accents E&J Gallo Winery California, United States 3
Ackerman Winery Ackerman Winery, Inc. Iowa, United States 9
Ackerman Winery Fireside Winery Iowa, United States 6
Aconga Winery Exchange Argentina 4
AcquaViva Acquaviva Winery Illinois, United States 19
Acre Mendocino Wine Co. California, United States 3
Acres of Land Winery Acres of Land Winery, Inc. Kentucky, United States 10
Adam Bugos Adam Bugos Illinois, United States 4
Adam Puchta Winery Adam Puchta Winery Missouri, United States 31
Adam Weddle Adam Weddle Indiana, United States 1
Adams County Winery Adams County Winery Pennsylvania, United States 5
Adele Gubic & Denise Corus Denise Coros & Adele Gubic Indiana, United States 1
Adirondack Winery Adirondack Winery New York, United States 14
AEppelTreow Winery Aeppeltreow Winery Wisconsin, United States 16
Aftermath Cidery & Winery Aftermath Cidery & Winery Indiana, United States 3
Agness Wine Cellars Agness Wine Cellars New York, United States 1
Aix Monterey Capello Winery California, United States 1
AJ Stewart & Greg Powell AJ Stewart & Greg Powell Indiana, United States 1
Al & Janell Hoeppner Al & Janell Hoeppner Indiana, United States 1
Al Krueger Al Krueger Florida, United States 3
AL-BI Winery Al-Bi Winery Co. Ohio, United States 19
Alamos Billington Imports Argentina 5
Alamos E&J Gallo Winery California, United States 10
Alamos E&J Gallo Winery Argentina 27
Alamosa Alamosa Wine Cellars Texas, United States 1
Alan Ripplemeier Alan Ripplemeier Indiana, United States 3
Alan Skubal Alan Skubal Virginia, United States 1
Alan Wolfe Alan Wolfe West Virginia, United States 7
Alaskan Wilderness Wines Alaskan Wilderness Wines Alaska, United States 10
Alba Vineyard Alba Vineyard New Jersey, United States 13
Albertoni Vineyards Bronco Wine Company California, United States 12
Albrecht American Airlines France 1
Alcantara Vineyards Alcantara Vineyards & Winery Arizona, United States 13
Alderbrook Intervine, Inc. California, United States 2
Alderbrook Winery Terlato Wines International California, United States 4
Alex Crocker Alex Crocker Indiana, United States 1
Alex Harlett Alex Harlett Indiana, United States 6
Alex Manoni Alex Manoni Washington, United States 3
Alexander Valley Vineyards Alexander Valley Vineyards California, United States 24
Alexander Valley Vnyds In Vie Wine California, United States 5
Alexis Bailly Vineyard Alexis Bailly Vineyard, Inc. Minnesota, United States 1
Alfalfa Farm Winery Alfalfa Farm Winery Massachusetts, United States 8
Alice Myers Alice Myers Indiana, United States 3
Alice Rau Alice Rau Missouri, United States 2
Alice White North Lakes Wines Australia 3
Alice White Centerra Wine Company Australia 8
Aliento Del Sol San Antonio Winery/ Maddalena California, United States 1
Aliona Atananscocia Aliona Atananscocia Canada 6
Allan Scott Allan Scott Wines New Zealand 3
Allan Scott Family Winemakers Allan Scott Wines Alabama, United States 1
Allegro Vineyards Allegro Winery Pennsylvania, United States 1
Allen Brown Allen Brown Indiana, United States 24
Allini Lidl US Italy 5
Allure Bronco Wine Company California, United States 1
Alpen Cellars Alpen Cellars California, United States 57
Alsace Willm Intervine, Inc. France 7
Alsace Willm Alsace Willm France 3
Alta Cima Global Alliance Inc. Chile 2
Altamont Vineyard & Winery Altamont Vineyard & Winery New York, United States 3
Alte Rebe Lidl US Germany 1
Alto Vineyards Alto Vineyards Illinois, United States 90
Alvin Smith. Alvin Smith Indiana, United States 2
Amala Springs Anders-Lane Artisan Wines California, United States 1
Amber Falls Winery & Cellars Amber Falls Winery & Cellars Tennessee, United States 7
Amber Falls Winery & Cellars Amber Falls Winery & Cellars Tennessee, United States 28
Amberg Wine Cellars Amberg Wine Cellars New York, United States 4
Amie/Jan Greig/Corum Amie Greig Indiana, United States 2
Amigoni Estate Inland Sea Wines Missouri, United States 1
Amigoni Urban Winery Amigoni Urban Winery Missouri, United States 3
Amorany Lidl US Spain 1
Ampelou Techni Esteson Co. Greece 2
Amphora Winery Amphora Winery California, United States 25
AmRhein Wine Cellars AmRhein's Wine Cellar Virginia, United States 24
Anapamu Cellars E&J Gallo Winery California, United States 14
Ancient Cellars Ancient Cellars Oregon, United States 2
Anderson's Orchard & Winery Anderson's Orchard & Winery, Inc. Indiana, United States 39
Andre E&J Gallo Winery California, United States 2
Andre Lurton WJ Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. France 2
Andreas M. Schwenk. Andreas M. Schwenk. New York, United States 3
Andretti Winery Andretti Winery California, United States 2
Andrew Hass Andrew Hass Indiana, United States 5
Andy & Kevin Gutwein Andy & Kevin Gutwein Indiana, United States 4
Andy Hamon Andy Hamon Kentucky, United States 2
Anemoi Wines Anemoi Wines Colorado, United States 1
Angel Ann Price Angel Ann Price West Virginia, United States 5
Angove Family Winemakers Trinchero Family Estates Australia 11
Angove's Trinchero Family Estates Australia 22
Anita Johnson Anita Johnson Indiana, United States 10
Ann Cole Ann Cole Indiana, United States 3
Ann Fetzer & Beth Caron Beth Caron Ohio, United States 1
Anna Pesa Prairie Berry Winery South Dakota, United States 6
Annette Kimmet. Charles & Annette Kimmet Indiana, United States 1
Annie's Lane Foster's Wine Estates Americas Company Australia 2
Annies Lane Beringer Vineyards Australia 3
Antares Cellar Bronco Wine Company California, United States 3
Anthony Barton WJ Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. France 3
Anthony Birg Anthony Birg Michigan, United States 5
Anthony Hatfield Anthony Hatfield Indiana, United States 4
Anthony Leaderbrand Anthony Leaderbrand Indiana, United States 4
Anthony Militello Anthony Militello Wisconsin, United States 8
Anthony Rhinelander Anthony Rhinelander Canada 8
Anthony Road Wine Company Anthony Road Wine Company, Inc. New York, United States 20
Anthony Serafino Anthony Serafino New York, United States 6
Anthony's Hill Fetzer Vineyards California, United States 1
Antica Cascina Lidl US Italy 2
Antler Ridge Antler Ridge Winery Pennsylvania, United States 3
Antonin Rodet WJ Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. France 1
Antonin Rodet Antonin Rodet France 4
Antonin Rodet Intervine, Inc. France 2
Apolloni Vineyards Apolloni Vineyards Oregon, United States 3
Apple Barn Orchard and Winery Apple Barn Orchard and Winery Wisconsin, United States 4
Apple Barn Winery Apple Barn Winery Tennessee, United States 53
Appolo Vineyards Appolo Vineyards New Hampshire, United States 6
Aquinas Don Sebastiani and Sons California, United States 2
Arancio Prestige Wine Imports Italy 3
Arbios Arbios Wines California, United States 8
Arbos Wine Insiders Italy 2
Arcadian Estate Winery Arcadian Estate Winery New York, United States 3
Archetype Vineyards American Airlines Australia 1
Arcturos Black Star Winery Michigan, United States 7
Arena Blanca Winery Arena Blanca Winery New Mexico, United States 2
Aresti Family Vineyards Broadbent Selections, Inc Chile 2
Arlena McClish. Dennis & Arlena McClish Indiana, United States 1
Armilar Lidl US Portugal 1
Arnold B.Etchat R. C. Castellani - Vinos de Argentina Argentina 1
Arnozan PRODUCTA S.A. France 3
Arrington Vineyards Arrington Vineyards Tennessee, United States 102
Arrow Creek Winery Exchange California, United States 7
Arrowhead Wine Cellars Arrowhead Wine Cellars Pennsylvania, United States 3
Arrowleaf Arrowleaf British Columbia, Canada 8
Arroyo del Sol Rutherford Wine Company California, United States 2
Art Willman Art Willman Illinois, United States 17
Artesa Artesa Vineyards & Winery California, United States 1
Artesa WJ Deutsch & Sons, Ltd. California, United States 1
Arthur Everett Arthur Everett California, United States 16
Arthur Metz Les Grands Chais De France Americas France 3
Artisan Giant Food Maryland, United States 3
Ashley Brooke Lionstone International California, United States 1
Asti Winery Beringer Vineyards California, United States 1
At The Barn Winery At The Barn Winery Indiana, United States 14
Athena Vineyards & Winery Athena Vineyards & Winery Virginia, United States 4
Atlas Peak Allied Domecq Wines California, United States 3
Atlas Peak Ascentia Wine Estates California, United States 11
Atwater Estate Vineyards Atwater Estate Vineyards New York, United States 5
Audrey Muhlenkamp Audrey Muhlenkamp Indiana, United States 6
August Hill Winery August Hill Winery Illinois, United States 62
Augusta Winery Augusta Wine Company Missouri, United States 83
Austin Street Brennan Vineyards Texas, United States 1
Austin Vale The Wine Group California, United States 3
AutoMoto Mendocino Wine Co. California, United States 4
Autumn Lake Winery Autumn Lake Winery New Jersey, United States 11
Avalon Winery Avalon Winery California, United States 1
Avila Laetitia Vineyard & Winery California, United States 5
Avissi Trinchero Family Estates Italy 4
AWS Bayou Chapter Joe & Tommy O'Neal Mississippi, United States 4
AWS Cellarmasters of Kansas City AWS Cellarmasters of Kansas City Missouri, United States 1
AWS Charlottesville Chapter Joseph Parrillo Virginia, United States 1
AWS Eastern Connecticut Chapter Gene Spaziani Connecticut, United States 34
AWS John Marshall Chapter Mike Schlosser Virginia, United States 1
AWS Keuka Lake Chapter AWS Keuka Lake Chapter New York, United States 1
AWS Manassas Chapter AWS Manassas Chapter Virginia, United States 1
AWS Regional Vice President AWS Regional Vice President Ohio, United States 1
AWS West Grove Chapter AWS West Grove Chapter Pennsylvania, United States 22
Axum T'ej The Heritage Winery Inc. Ethiopia 2
Azienda Fratelli Pighin Kobrand Corp. Italy 1
Aziendo Agricola C Poggi Custom House Wine Merchants Italy 1
Azinhaga D'Ouro Lidl US Virginia, United States 1