Wine Competition
Trophy Recipients

2018 Indy International

Trophies Presented to Wineries

Winery of the Year

Dakota Sun Gardens Winery, Carrington, North Dakota, United States

Winemaker of the Year

Richard Batchelor, Maryhill Winery, Goldendale, Washington, United States

Indiana Farm Winery of the Year (<50k gal)

Holtkamp Winery, New Alsace, Indiana, United States

Trophies Presented for Wines

Wine of the Year

Nodland Cellars, 2014 Malbec, Washington, United States

Sparkling Wine of the Year

Barefoot Bubbly, Moscato Spumante (Muscat), California, United States

Red Wine of the Year

Barrister Winery, 2014 Columbia Valley Dionysus Vineyard (Petit Verdot), Washington, United States

White Wine of the Year

St. Julian Wine Company, Inc, 2017 Mountain Road (Riesling), Michigan, United States

Rosé Wine of the Year

Rettig Hill Winery, 2017 Catawba, Indiana, United States

Fruit Wine of the Year

Harvest Ridge Winery, 2017 47 (Blueberry), Delaware, United States

Indiana Wine of the Year

Two EE's Winery, 2017 Valvin Muscat, Indiana, United States

Indiana Traminette of the Year

Two EE's Winery, 2017 Traminette, Indiana, United States